Larnie Fox

Like most people, I spend much of my life desiring this or that. Wanting a community. Wanting solitude. Wanting a relationship. Wanting to travel. Wanting to be home. Wanting adventure. Wanting comfort. Wanting success. Wanting to be “cool”.

This yearning ~ I think ~ is the driving force behind my art making.

I want to make cool stuff. I want to make things that fascinate or evoke emotions. I want to bring things into the world that are new. I want to make art that pulls at you. I yearn for these things.

The studio is the place in my life where I truly feel free, competent, and comfortable. At peace. Or in turmoil! I am 100% in charge. I make all the decisions, I take all the responsibility. I can give it my all. I yearn for more time in my studio.

In my studio, I can take the energy from my many yearnings and transfer it into a mental and physical process and a physical product as an end result. This is a sort of alchemy: lead into gold. Anxiety is the raw material; a sense of wonder is the product.

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