Growing up on the mystical coast of Northern California, I was captivated by the wondrous beauty and transformative power of the natural world. My love and reverence for nature have inspired my life’s work as a visual artist, yoga instructor, and wellness advocate.

As an artist, I have always been drawn to the medium of photography, captivated by its ability to document the spirit of the natural world.  In my artistic journey, I have discovered that photography is not merely a technical process of capturing images, but rather a profound and meditative practice of co-creation with the natural world. By immersing myself in the process of discovery, I allow the images to reveal themselves to me, and through my lens, I capture the magic and mystery of nature.

Drawing upon a diverse array of techniques, my current artistic style is characterized by a unique blend of in-camera multiple exposures, motion or macro photography. Each image is a poetic interpretation of the natural world around me. 

My creative alliance with Nature—the place in which I find my joy, alignment, and deepest sense of belonging—leaves me grateful and in awe each and every day.