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Self Crank - Square
Larnie Fox
Like most people, I spend much of my life desiring this or that. Wanting a community. Wanting solitude. Wanting a relationship. Wanting to travel. Wanting to be home. Wanting adventure. Wanting comfort. Wanting success. Wanting to be “cool”. This yearning ~ I think ~ is the driving force behind my art making. I want to make cool stuff. I want to make things that fascinate or evoke emotions. I want to bring things into the world that are new. I want to make art that pulls at you. I yearn for these things. READ MORE
Melissa Woodburn, Working Pine Needles
Melissa Woodburn
Melissa Woodburn, an Iowa-raised artist, weaves her artistic journey through the intricate world of basketry. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting woods of her upbringing, she crafts mesmerizing pine needle baskets. Melissa's work intertwines nature's beauty with her own creative spirit, resulting in awe-inspiring pieces that reflect the rhythms and cycles of the natural world. Her mastery of basketry has garnered accolades and international recognition, captivating audiences with the meticulous artistry and deep connection to the craft. With each stitch and coil, Melissa's baskets embody the harmonious interplay between traditional techniques and her unique artistic vision. READ MORE
Melina Meza, Photographer and Artist
Melina Meza
Growing up on the mystical coast of Northern California, I was captivated by the wondrous beauty and transformative power of the natural world. My love and reverence for nature have inspired my life's work as a visual artist, yoga instructor, and wellness advocate. As an artist, I have always been drawn to the medium of photography, captivated by its ability to document the spirit of the natural world. In my artistic journey, I have discovered that photography is not merely a technical process of capturing images, but rather a profound and meditative practice of co-creation with the natural world. By immersing myself in the process of discovery, I allow the images to reveal themselves to me, and through my lens, I capture the magic and mystery of nature. READ MORE
Vicki Gunter
Vicki Gunter is an Oakland-based artist whose work is influenced by ecology and social justice. Her work draws inspiration from nature, the human body, and the intersection of art and science. Gunter's ceramic sculptures have been exhibited extensively across the west and the country. She is influenced by the funk ceramic period, as well as the works of Viola Frey, Arneson, Judy Chicago, Clayton Bailey, plus: Michele Gregor, Lisa Reinertson, Michelangelo…and sewing! READ MORE