“Probability 2” Larnie & Bodil Fox

“Probability 2” Larnie & Bodil Fox

NY2CA Gallery is back with a year of incredible artists! We open with an extraordinary artistic couple’s exhibition of sound sculptures with an immersive installation.

Come in and play! Probability 2 embodies a five-year collaboration between Bodil Fox and Larnie Fox. They’ve transitioned their expertise from floor-based sound art installations to newer wall-based creations after their 2018 Eclipse performance at Canessa Gallery in San Francisco. In this current exhibit, Bodil and Larnie refine beloved pieces from the original display while introducing fresh works, notably the significant installation of String Theory located in the back gallery. The walls of NY2CA Gallery now host an array of self-playing and playable wall-mounted sound sculptures. Equipped with amplified piezo contact microphones, the sculptures generate chance sounds and interactions creating an immersive experience. Materials such as copper, concrete, wire, felt, bamboo, plywood, and recycled materials blend together, forming the core of this exhibition. Probability 2 is a rare opportunity to experience sound art in a playful and immersive way. You are encouraged to engage with the installation, becoming part of the art by “playing the room.”

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Yours in artistic sincerity,

Vickie & Twigg


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