Paula Boas

My abstract paintings are rooted in natural and architected landscapes with their respective organic and geometric forms. Additionally, I am interested in the visual effects of mark making and asemic writing as line, shape and pattern. My works evolve as I reveal, obscure and re-expose layers of paint, script, graphite, and paper to create subtle yet complex surfaces that have a sense of place and a wearing of time. My painting process is improvisational – a dance of thoughtful expressions, spontaneous gestures, and numerous long pauses. The forms and fields that emerge are clarified and reduced until a delicate balance and quietude are achieved.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I now live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. My studio is located in the Historic Benicia Arsenal.

My work is shown in Kevin Milligan Gallery in Carmel, CA and a number of venues in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Valley Art Gallery in Walnut Creek.

Current Show