Emil Yanos


Emil Yanos, Ceramic Sculptor, Floral Designer and Graphic Designer has been working with clay since 1993. He received formal training in both Floral and Graphic Design, whereas his experience in clay has primarily been through hands-on experimentation. Emil attained Floral Design certification from City College of San Francisco in 2002 and was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers the following year. Prior to working with flowers, Emil completed his BFA in Graphic Design at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, after beginning his education at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, where he was born and raised.

Emil enjoys exploring the sculptural nature of clay as opposed to the two-dimensional aspect of graphic design. Texture and color play major roles in Emil’s Ceramic work. He uses color to heighten contrasts in texture and add to the three-dimensionality inherent in clay. Emil likes to use the properties of clay to attain effects that are attributed to clay itself.

The overall feel of his work is organic and inspired by nature. Elemental forms gives his work primative yet refined sensabilities. Emil’s goal in all of his creative endeavors is to communicate meaning, extending beyond its visual form and to extract emotional responses from his audience.


My work is an examination of texture. The very nature of clay allows me to explore many options. Each piece plays with contrasting surfaces: rough verses smooth; matte verses shiny; large-scale verses small-scale. The juxtaposition of textures helps to add visual depth and tactile interest. Texture envelops the surfaces of naturalistic forms. They are an invitation to touch. As you run your hands over, the sensation is a reminder of a place you once enjoyed.

Color is also an important element in my work. I use color to enhance the textural quality. Different aspects of color such as value and intensity affect how the piece is perceived. Color stimulates our response mechanism. It elicits emotions on a subconscious level. The tactile and visual experience is heightened with a few adjustments in how color is applied.

I hope that my work will bring a sense of wonder and curiosity. The combination of familiar forms and textures will cause you to marvel at things you notice if you take the time to slow down and experience the world around you.

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