Current Show

NY2CA Gallery is back with a year of incredible artists! We open with an extraordinary artistic couple’s exhibition of sound sculptures with an immersive installation. Come in and play!

Dive into the world of sound art with Probability 2, a five-year collaboration by Bodil and Larnie Fox. From floor-based installations to innovative wall creations, experience the evolution since their 2018 Eclipse performance. Engage with self-playing sculptures, including the stunning String Theory installation. With amplified microphones, chance sounds, and a blend of materials like copper and bamboo, Probability 2 invites you to “play the room” for a unique, immersive encounter. Don’t miss this extraordinary journey at NY2CA Gallery!

Check out our upcoming schedule. We look forward to seeing you!

Yours in artistic sincerity,
Vickie & Twigg

Welcome. We are a vibrant and dynamic art space located in the heart of Benicia, California. Five years ago we moved from New York to California, hence the name, NY2CA.

Every seven weeks our exhibitions change to feature a different 2D and 3D artist or a solo exhibition. The medium(s) each artist uses changes for a fresh audience experience.

Our Mission is to provide artists with the opportunity to showcase a body of their work as well as their diversity.  

Hope to see you soon!

Twigg & Vickie

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