Welcome. We are a vibrant and dynamic art space located in the heart of Benicia, California. Five years ago we moved from New York to California, hence the name, NY2CA.

Every seven weeks our exhibitions change to feature a different 2D and 3D artist or a solo exhibition. The medium(s) each artist uses changes for a fresh audience experience.

Our Mission is to provide artists with the opportunity to showcase a body of their work as well as their diversity.  

Hope to see you soon!

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Current Show

Voices of Vision: Featured Artist Marty Jonas

Marty Jonas embodies the spirit of boundless creativity. Her art transcends emotion, focusing on the captivating interplay of form, color, and technique. Raised in a household where expression was restrained, Jonas now thrives on crafting images that mesmerize from afar yet reveal intricate wonders up close, thanks to her meticulous stitches. Her journey is an inspiring testament to the unyielding pursuit of innovation.

She encourages all artists to embrace the mantra “I could,” urging them to constantly explore new avenues, whether by adding a piece, changing a color, or experimenting with techniques. For Jonas, making art is not just about perfection; it’s about the joy of discovery and learning. In her father’s wisdom, she finds the spark that continues to drive her: “If it’s not challenging, it’s a waste of time.” With each creation, Jonas reminds us that the act of doing is the essence of growth, and the possibilities in art are endless.

Artist Reception:
Saturday, Sept 30 5pm-7pm

Live Music by Acoustic Guitarist, Marcy Orendorff
Complimentary Light Bites & Wine

EMAIL INVITATION REQUIRED: You must sign up using the form here on our home page to attend the art reception.

Marty Jonas

“I wish I had more hours in the day to devote to my art.”, textile artist, Marty Jonas says when asked about the development of her work. “With everything I see, I think: I could try this or I could try that.” Jonas’ work varies greatly in material and techniques....